Our courses

Kulturskolan aims to offer something for everyone. Take a look at the list below to see if there’s a course which suits you. There are courses available for young as well as old. How about dance, violin, trumpet, art and drama, among others?

You do not need to have prior experience to attend Kulturskolan. Every person will be given the chance to develop at their own pace.

During or after school time

Lessons take place either at primary school during regular school time or after school, normally on Kulturskolan’s premises or an alternative venue which is adapted for the course being provided. Dance, orchestra and group playing sessions take place after school time.

Kulturskolan offers courses in the following

Musical instruments

String instruments

  • Violin (from grade 1)
  • Cello (from grade 1)
  • Double bass (from grade 3)

Woodwind instruments

  • Recorder (from grade 2)
  • Flute (from grade 3)
  • Clarinet (from grade 3)
  • Saxophone (from grade 3)

Brass instruments

  • Trumpet (from grade 3)
  • Trombone (from grade 3)
  • Tenor horn (from grade 3)
  • Tuba (from grade 3)
  • Cornet (from grade 3)

Keyboard instruments

  • Piano (from grade 3)
  • Piano accordion (from grade 3)

String instruments

  • Electric guitar (from grade 3)
  • Acoustic guitar (from grade 3)
  • Electric bass (from grade 3)

Percussion instruments

  • Drums (from grade 3)
  • Samba orchestra (Minimum of 10 students required to run)

Other instruments

  • Singing (grade 3)
  • Musical production (grade 3)


  • Ballet (from 4 years)
  • Street dance (from grade 3)
  • Indian dance (classic) (from grade 3)


  • Theatre, show (from grade 2)


Art (from the age of 8 and above)