Kulturskolan - school of culture

Kulturskolan is for those aged 0 to 20 who live in Älmhult Municipality. We aim to give people the chance to develop, discover and express themselves through the courses and collabmorations we offer. We want you to feel welcome and experience the joy of expressing yourself through music, words, movement, art and your individual passion.

Everyone can learn

Everyone can learn, whatever their skills and background, and the courses we provide offer comprehensive training. We aim to offer something from everyone, with programmes for all levels of aptitude.

Songs for the Kulturskolan Spotify list are compiled in one room, while others play host to rehearsals for the next musical theatre performance and preparations for a forthcoming exhibition. Meanwhile, on the bottom floor, the string orchestra are practicing for a concert and children’s laughter can be heard from the dance room during a ballet lesson.

Focus on fun

We believe the joy of learning, performing and collaborating is especially important, as well as creating a sense of belonging. You can meet new friends here and put on large or small performances, exhibitions and shows working together. With this in mind, we strive to ensure children and young people play together in groups as much as possible.