Civil wedding

If you wish to marry, you can book any of Älmhult municipality's wedding officials. A civil wedding is free of charge and legally binding without any religious elements.

The form of the marriage ceremony is largely optional. For example, you may choose whether you want to be married in the town hall or at another location, or whether you want a short or long ceremony.

The marriage requires a certificate of verification, for which you must apply to the Swedish Tax Agency.external link This also applies to foreign couples, or if one of the parties is not registered in Sweden. The certificate of verification and certificate of marriage must be submitted to the municipal administration no later than one week before the ceremony. The wedding ceremony requires the presence of two witnesses who are both at least 18 years old and can identify themselves.

To make an appointment with a wedding official, or if you would like further information on civil ceremonies you can contact Felicia Sandberg of the municipal administration on phone 0476-551 33 or