School Calendar

School Calendar

You can access our Google Calendar at this website:external link

Please note: there is no longer a separate PYP and MYP Calendar. All calendar events for parent view are located in one calendar. If it is specific to one programme, it will be preceded with "PYP" or "MYP", otherwise it is the whole school consisting of PYP 1-MYP 5.

Preschool Parents, see separate calendar tab to the left.



School Year 2016/17


Autumn term:

Mon 22 Aug-Wed 21 Dec 2016        

Spring term:
Wed 11 Jan-Fri 16 June 2017


Week 44 - Autumn Break
Week 8 - Sports Break
Week 15 (10th-14th of April) and Mon 17th of April - Easter Holiday
Fri 26 May - Holiday
Mon 5 June - Holiday

Study days (School are closed for Teacher training days)

Mon 26 Sept
Mon 9 Jan-Tue 10 Jan
Tue 18 April


In service days / Teacher training days: 

Wed 10 Aug-Fri 19 Aug
Mon 26 Sept
Mon 9 Jan-Tue 10 Jan
Tue 18 April
Mon 19 June - Thur 22 June

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