Move to Älmhult

Welcome to Älmhult! People from more than 60 different countries live and work in the municipality of Älmhult and this means we have an international atmosphere with many different cultures. Here it is simple to live and close to everything – work, school, leisure activities, beautiful natural surroundings, commercial centres, big towns and shopping in the centre.

Welcome to Älmhult - welcome home!

10 good reasons to move to Älmhult

1. In Älmhult there are great connections – within easy reach of the whole world.

2. Älmhult is international.

3. Great initiatives are taken to make Älmhult schools even better – including links with local businesses.

4. Älmhult is located in one of Sweden’s most business-friendly areas.

5. Älmhult is the heart of IKEA.

6. In Älmhult you can choose among attractive housing in the countryside, peaceful residences near lakes and still have close to work.

7. Älmhult has an international school.

8. Rich and varied free time for both big and small.

9. Älmhult and its surroundings offer a wonderful natural environment.

10. In the centre of Älmhult, IKEA has Northern Europe’s biggest design and furniture museum.

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