Time to choose school

The municipality of Älmhult provides school placement from autumn the year children turn 6 years old. This means that preschool-class (förskoleklass) is compulsory for all children living in Sweden.

The curriculum for the preschool class is the same as the curriculum for the elementary school. This in order to facilitate a smooth integration between preschool class, elementary school and after school care.

Everybody is placed in public school

The municipality of Älmhult is divided into school districts. Students are placed in a school based on the school district they belong to, subject to availability.

Information for the autumn term 2019

Guardians of children turning six years old will receive a letter from the education department in middle of January. This letter explains how to change school if desired. Decision of definitive placement for your child is announced during week 11.

If you want to change school, you can place your child in que. Please fill in the document and send it to Utbildningsförvaltningen (the education department)PDF (pdf, 200.2 kB). If you have questions, please contact Marie Lilja at telephone 0476-55 196.

Transportation to school

Applications must be submitted by March 20, the latest. If you have chosen another school, different from the municipality placement, you are not entitled to school transport. If, however, there is space in a bus, transportation can be arranged. Questions regarding transportation to school should be addressed to Eva-Marie Andersson at 0476-55 513.

Recently moved

Everyone who moves to the town of Älmhult after week 6 of 2019, and is about to start pre-school class, receives a place subject to availability. When the schools in Älmhult are full, the pupils are referred to Ryfors school in autumn 2019. We arrange school transport from one of the schools in town.

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